Tables - There are  11 – 6’ round tables each seating  8 for a total of 88. There are  11 chairs around bar. There are  4 – 8’ rectangle serving  tables.

Heat/AC – there are timers on the East wall that control the HVAC. Turn the timer on and set the desired temperature. Please turn off when rental is over.

Card lock & unlock – place the card in front of the scanner to the left of the side door, the LED will turn green an the door can now be opened. Sometimes the door sticks, just push it in the pull it out, if the LED is green it is unlocked. The handle does not turn when unlocked. To keep the door unlocked, place the card in front of the scanner, then remove it and place it back within 10 seconds, the LED will stay green. To lock the door, repeat the same process. When leaving at completion of the rental , make sure the LED is red and the door will not open.

Cops – The Johnston Police frequently setup radar on Plainfield St, I recommend that all guests adhere to the 25mph speed limit.

Parking – Please do not park in front of of any houses around The hall.

Cleanup  – All floors must be washed and/or vacuumed.  The kitchen counter, stove, refrigerator and sinks must be clean. All trash must be placed in the dumpster and clean bags placed into the trash cans.  The parking lot and lawn must be free of trash.  All items brought into the hall must be removed before the hall is vacated, we are not responsible for any items left behind. The building Manager inspects the hall early the following morning, any items left behind will be discarded.

Hall Rental Cleaning Option - You have the option of paying a $100. fee for the normal cleanup as shown above taken care of. Any excessive mess or damage could still result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Payment info – Checks or Money orders are to be made out to PRIAL 387. Rental payment is due at time of reservation. Depost can be made at any time within 30 days of rental date at which time the door key card will be issued.

Refund Policy - $50 if cancellation is 30 day or more before rental date. If cancellation is made with less than 30 days before the rental date, then there is no refund.

Hall access times – Your hall rental period runs from midnight to midnight on the date of the rental. Early  or late access must be cleared with the Building Manager.

Address -  The hall is located at 1192 Plainfield St Johnston, RI. The side street to turn onto is Spruce St.

Local Stores -  If you take a left out of the hall there is a liquer store on the left. When you come to the light, that is Atwood Ave, to the right is an Italian bakery, to the left within a mile is a Below Cost that is a good source of pary supplies, after that is another liquer store, a Shores Market, Stop & Shop & a Bennys.

TV - We have Verizon cable at the hall.